Free Initial Telephone Call

There is no charge for your first 10-15 minute phone call with Ms. Ahouraian to discuss your needs. The purpose of this first conversation is to evaluate the scope of work required, provide you with information about how an attorney can help you, and give you an estimate of its cost. Please understand that Ms. Ahouraian cannot give advice to non-clients, so you should not expect to receive answers to legal questions during this initial call.  You will, however, walk away with an understanding of what your needs are and how we can help.

If you want legal advice or a longer conversation, schedule an Advisory Call or In Person Consultation.


Advisory Call

Sometimes your legal questions or concerns can be answered with as little as an advisory call.  Questions about your legal rights, what a document says and means, can usually be resolved by telephone if a complete review of facts and documents is not required.  We charge a flat fee for a call capped at 30-minutes, with no further obligation.

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No Deferred or Contingent Fees

All fees are due and payable at the time services are rendered.

Generally, the firm does not provide legal services on a deferred fee or contingent fee basis, where payment would be delayed until some point in the future or calculated as a percentage of proceeds of a transaction.

In rare circumstances where a filmmaker, writer, or other creative professional has already received a firm offer in the form of a contract from a reputable source, the firm may agree to review and negotiate the contract for a delayed payment, subject to certain restrictions. 

PLEASE NOTE, however, that such payment arrangements may be made only after Ahouraian Law has confirmed that the offering party is ready and able to proceed. If the firm agrees to such arrangements, you must contractually authorize Ahouraian Law to receive all contract payments on your behalf, deduct the amount owed us until we are paid in full, and remit the remaining balance to you.

In-Person Consultations

For an initial in-person consultation with Ms. Ahouraian, the flat fee is $300 for approximately one hour, payable in advance.  During this meeting, Ms. Ahouraian will discuss your legal and business questions, review documents, assess the types of issues that may arise for you, give you advice and, if additional work is required, give you an estimate of its cost. Often, this single meeting is all that is required to resolve a legal issue or set a course of action. There is no further obligation unless you enter into a fee agreement with Ms. Ahouraian.

After the initial meeting, additional in-person consultations are available for a pre-paid rate of $150 per half-hour, with a one-hour minimum per meeting. For current clients who prefer to be billed on retainer, the contractual hourly rate applies.