At Ahouraian Law, we understand that litigation is stressful and costly, but sometimes necessary to remedy an injustice or enforce a right.  We guide you through the process and with strategic planning, handle your case to go as smooth as possible, while being ever mindful of cost.

Our litigators are sharp strategists and strong oral advocates,  but often win the majority of motions before they are even heard in the courtroom--a testament to our strong research and argumentative skills.

In the courtroom, Ms. Ahouraian has successfully defended a case brought by a United States Congressman, obtained a dismissal (and award of attorney’s fees) in a high-profile case brought by a celebrity against her book publisher, and obtained a dismissal in a right of publicity case brought against a major hospital.

While Ms. Ahouraian is selective as to the type of cases she will handle personally, the firm works with a team of outstanding litigators experienced in a variety of matters.