It is with pleasure I recommend to you the legal services of Mitra Ahouraian. I have worked with Mitra from the opposite side of the table and have always found her to be a bright and creative counsel who is firm but fair.
— Barry J. Reiss, Attorney for U2, Rod Blagojevich, etc.

You are a talented musician reaching for the stars. Intent on living your dream, playing music for a living, you put all your energy and attention into perfecting your music and being recognized and heard. But the music industry has no rules. You don't know if you need a manager yet, or if you are being taken advantage of. You start working with top producers, but you're not sure who owns the rights to the songs, and what you will make off the songs in the future. You finally get a recording deal, but the contract is dozens of pages and even though you understand the words, you're not sure the significance of them. You want to make sure you don't sign your life away and end up with very little when you are pouring your heart and soul into your craft.


You need someone that will protect your interests, care about your career, be loyal, and thoroughly understands the music business and it's rapidly changing models.


As a founding member of a successful artist development and recording company, the firms principal, Mitra Ahouraian, is entrenched in the music industry and has seen first-hand the changes in the way music deals are structured. We understand that music is consumer-driven, and are experienced in structuring deals that protect your interests in light of shifts in consumer demand. In an industry with no rules, we stand firm in what we will and will not stand for in music deals.

We represent labels, producers, and talent. Our attorneys have a reputation for being tough negotiators and highly knowledgeable, not only in standard industry provisions, but relevant changes in industry practices and how to protect your interests in an ever-changing market. We understand that there is more to the music industry than just recording deals. As an example, we are one of the few law firms experienced in complex 360° music production agreements, which allow producers and labels to capitalize on every revenue stream an artist may generate (in contrast with classic recording deals).

Our music experience includes evaluating, negotiating, and documenting:

  • Recording Agreements;
  • Songwriting and Publishing Agreements;
  • Agency and Management Representation Agreements;
  • Record Producer and Other Production Agreements;
  • Merchandising and Touring Agreements;
  • Domestic and International Record Distribution Agreements;
  • Endorsement Deals, Sponsorship Deals, and Artist Commercial Appearances;
  • Music Licensing Agreements; Synchronization and Master Use License Agreements
  • Film and Television Music Supervisor, Music Composer and Soundtrack Album Agreements;
  • Music and Sampling Clearances;
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Branding; and
  • New Media and Technology.

A day in the life as a music producer. Salaam has over 20 years experience as a producer for top artists such as Amy Winehouse. Attorney Mitra Ahouraian uncovers some useful insights for those wanting to know more about the music industry.

Music is the ladder to the soul...
— Bahá’u’lláh